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From Manorkill, New York, writing is my hobby.


Each morning, I take a walk down the street, As the sunrise ushers in, another day to greet, It’s quiet now, with only the bird’s songs to hear, Life’s special moment, may it never disappear, How many of us, are … Continue reading

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Many times we awaken, in the middle of the night, As if we just blinked, during an unknown fight, Startled and suddenly awake, we jump to our feet, Always the fighter, that will never admit defeat, Our dreams open windows, … Continue reading

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We guard our country, on watch each night, With boots on the ground, always first to fight, Like Spartans of old, we are our nation’s spear, The devil dogs of war, that all our enemies fear, We stand ready to … Continue reading

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Listen to the thunder, of his battle cry, When our flag is flown, on the 4th of July, Our Dear Uncle Sam, was born an independent man, Who stood his ground, to protect our land, His spirit shared, by a … Continue reading

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The moment that each one of us are born, A bond is made that can never be torn, We all attempt to repay the gift from that day, To the one that shared her love and watched us play, So … Continue reading

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A time of my sacrifice, for all that I eternally love, To my father I fly, on the wings of  the dove, Son of my father, I stand here humble but proud, Risen from the grave, wrapped in a heavenly … Continue reading

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The pack leader stands over his fresh kill, Calling to the pack, before he has his fill, Being a good provider is his one and only goal, But many years of hunting, have taken their toll, Soon another leader will … Continue reading

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