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Now on deck, an old salty sailor such as I, Spying through my crusty looking glass eye, Across the vast ocean into the morning sky, Riding the fast currents, as a bird I will fly, My course into the horizon … Continue reading

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I long for the emptiness of the sea, It’s endless horizon that stares back at me, A place of solitude that awaits only my view, The home of King Neptune and his chosen few.  

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Once more at sea under a calm night sky, With only the stars to set my course by, Upon an old wooden deck, my watch I stand, Our heading is West, with wheel steady in hand.  

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I awaken to a deafening sound, From ocean waves that thunder and pound, The rising of a golden haze captures my eye, That fills the horizon of the eastern sky, Warming the deep blue ocean I now behold, The cradle … Continue reading

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