How many have a shattered life, and live with a broken heart,

One once full of trust and love, now alone and torn apart,

Some may spend a life time, searching for one to care,

But some of us have given up, and live a life of despair,

The candle that was lighted, doesn’t burn bright any more,

We pull the window shades down, and hide behind the door.


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A man of mystery, sits behind the local mall glass,

Is he real or just plastic, made molded from cast,

He appears each day, as the world passes him bye,

Observing the busy lives, always under his watchful eye,

May the glass become a portal, for his quest of a heart,

To join us as a human, and become a living part.


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We once dreamed, of having a little girl,

One so very sweet, with hair of curl,

How could we ever know, our dream was believed,

As on a stormy night, she was conceived,

She arrived on a sunny day, crying so very loud,

We were young as parents, but oh how very proud,

From first day of birth, we prayed and trust,

That watching a child grow, Is God’s gift to us.


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I stare at the cellar door, and fear what may lie below,

A dark and sinister place, where only evil can grow,

Soon I will be brave enough, for my adventure to see,

What really is down there, that is waiting for me,

I hope that the cellar light, will chase the evil away,

As the morning sunrise, replaces darkness with day.


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Each night when my room’s candle, held by silver burns low,

My ghostly image returns, transforming and starting to grow,

Is it really just a shadow, cast from the fading candle light,

Or an ancient evil presence, causing me such a fright,

With darkness all my fears return, born in childhood age,

They feed upon my imagination, nursed by the written page,

I lay covered with my blankets, from head to my toe,

Reliving his tales of horror, by penman Edgar Allan Poe.


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Each night I fall asleep, feeling my own heart pound,

Dreaming about the happiness, that I still haven’t found,

I have been very lonely, for many of a long year,

While searching for a smile, from one to hold dear,

They say that each of us, will find the right one,

But the old clock keeps ticking, with no heart I have won.





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I once saw a mermaid, while on a ship at sea,

With her back to the horizon, she was waving to me,

The morning sun was rising, lighting up the eastern sky,

I was finishing a night watch, and was sleepy of eye,

Years later I still wonder, if she could have been real,

As she beckoned me to her, for my heart to steal,


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