The moment that each one of us are born,

A bond is made that can never be torn,

We all attempt to repay the gift from that day,

To the one that shared her love and watched us play,

So on this day we remember our mom, who was so kind,

And the memories we shared, that will forever fill our mind.

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A time of my sacrifice, for all that I eternally love,

To my father I fly, on the wings of  the dove,

Son of my father, I stand here humble but proud,

Risen from the grave, wrapped in a heavenly shroud,

Those that will forever pray and always believe,

I promise to return and never again to leave.


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The pack leader stands over his fresh kill,

Calling to the pack, before he has his fill,

Being a good provider is his one and only goal,

But many years of hunting, have taken their toll,

Soon another leader will emerge to take his place,

A younger generation, that will carry on the race.

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Racial unrest in our society is alive and well,

Feel  the tension grow in the places we dwell,

Politicians and news media are fanning the fires,

Putting aside the gains and our country’s desires,

Every one wants change and a new political direction,

But each day brings a new cancer of evil infection,

Sunday, we all go to church and gather to pray,

That our divided country will soon find it’s way.

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The Dance

I held her close during our first slow dance,

She was only sixteen and I was new at romance,

Stairway To Heaven was the song that the band played,

A special moment in time, that my mind has forever saved,

Many times have I wondered, where she might now be,

With a memory of a dance, she once shared with me.


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Finally Found

Buried deep beneath this mighty old oak tree,

Is the body John Doe, the name given to me,

May all those that were tasked to search and finally find,

Remember the loving family that fate made me leave behind,

For years I have been hidden and so very alone here,

Please identify me and send me home to those I hold dear.

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Young Rider

Once upon a time, on a warm late summer night,

I was cruising low, like a super sonic fighter in flight,

Out of the darkness, flashing lights did suddenly appear,

With each breath now taken, they were drawing near,

I searched the road ahead, and what did I see,

Two local police cars, setting a road block up for me,

Well my friends, I would never consider telling you a lie,

I cranked down on my Harley throttle and flew on bye,

Running hard and fast, I raced into my little home town,

It was then I realized, son you are now Jail house bound.

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