Each night I fall asleep, feeling my own heart pound,

Dreaming about the happiness, that I still haven’t found,

I have been very lonely, for many of a long year,

While searching for a smile, from one to hold dear,

They say that each of us, will find the right one,

But the old clock keeps ticking, with no heart I have won.





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I once saw a mermaid, while on a ship at sea,

With her back to the horizon, she was waving to me,

The morning sun was rising, lighting up the eastern sky,

I was finishing a night watch, and was sleepy of eye,

Years later I still wonder, if she could have been real,

As she beckoned me to her, for my heart to steal,


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I held her so very close, during our first slow dance,

She had just turned sixteen, and I was new at romance,

The song (Stairway to Heaven), is what the band had played,

A special moment in time, that my mind has forever saved,

Many times have I wondered, where she now might be,

With the memory of that dance, she once shared with me.


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Classic music of memory, fills my head,

Days of rock and roll, never to be dead,

Songs that brought us tears, shed under the night,

Burning up the stars, ever shining bright,

We all have a song, that never will die,

Keeping us forever young, in our mind’s eye.


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I found a tattered book, under the seat covered in dust,

In my grandpa’s old truck, parked and full of rust,

He passed away, so many years gone bye,

But I still remember, the twinkle in his eye,

My summers were spent, under a shade tree,

Listening to grandpa read, his favorite books to me,

Stories of adventure, with kings and knights of old,

A kingdom full of dreams, for a young boy to behold.


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I bought an oil painting, just for the antique frame,

One of a pretty young lady, painted but left without a name,

Eyes were of the darkest blue, with long raven black hair,

She sat posed wearing diamonds, displaying an aristocratic flair,

Her final showing was on the wall, of the local thrift store,

A painting of her classic beauty, but it’s value was no more.


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Deep into my year’s gone bye, I journey back in time,

To the home of my fathers, with memories that are mine,

Gathering with my family, renewing bonds life has frayed,

As we once again celebrate, with our children we raised,

We share the photo albums, that capture present and past,

Passing down moments from memory, that will forever last.

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