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The Dance

I held her close during our first slow dance, She was only sixteen and I was new at romance, Stairway To Heaven was the song that the band played, A special moment in time, that my mind has forever saved, … Continue reading

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Finally Found

Buried deep beneath this mighty old oak tree, Is the body John Doe, the name given to me, May all those that were tasked to search and finally find, Remember the loving family that fate made me leave behind, For … Continue reading

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Young Rider

Once upon a time, on a warm late summer night, I was cruising low, like a super sonic fighter in flight, Out of the darkness, flashing lights did suddenly appear, With each breath now taken, they were drawing near, I … Continue reading

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Money, Money, Money is what drives my work day, My whole life revolves around the making of my pay, Like the pages of a book, that you can’t put down, I have run through my life, without ever looking around, … Continue reading

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One single act of kindness, prompts all others to do more, As the pebble cast upon the water, sends ripples to the shore, How many acts by humanity, should fill each and every day, Let us create an endless flood, … Continue reading

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