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The mountains beckon me to their high, With snowy peaks that touch the sky, A majestic view to aid my reflection, In understanding God’s words and intention, To guide my life with his vision, During my times of heartache and … Continue reading

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A shepherd of souls basked in heavenly light, Forcing the darkness to dwell in the night, Our faith in him takes away our fear, With each step of life he is always near, His love for all he teaches us … Continue reading

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Each night I count stars in the sky, Awaiting a dream to catch my eye, Praying to God in my faith’s way, Bringing forth peace to end my day.

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A face in the mirror stares back that is mine, The reflection of my father from an earlier time, My memories of him now awaken from the past, Like echoes in time that I hear at last, I now understand … Continue reading

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Fast Life

Money,Money,Money is what drives my day, My whole life revolves around making my pay, Like pages of a book that you cant put down, I have run through life without looking around, No time to stop and enjoy a special … Continue reading

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