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I long for the emptiness of the sea, It’s endless horizon that stares back at me, A place of solitude that awaits only my view, The home of King Neptune and his chosen few.   Advertisements

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Once more at sea under a calm night sky, With only the stars to set my course by, Upon an old wooden deck, my watch I stand, Our heading is West, with wheel steady in hand.  

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A dreamer about life is what I confess to be, The writing of poems helps to set my soul free, May each simple rhyme that I share with you, Allow you to see life through my poetic view.

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I struggle now that I am growing old, At times I reach out for a hand to hold, Most of my memories are still with me yet, But I realize that some I may forget, The years of my youth … Continue reading

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Our hearts melt to a baby’s first smile, Some say no, but there is no denial, A special bond is made between mother and son, Never to be broken till our lives are done, With life changes arriving on each … Continue reading

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I was awakened by a dream today, Only that moment does my mind replay, Was it about the future or from my past, A window of time not meant long to last, May the shadow of sleep show me the … Continue reading

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