Money, Money, Money is what drives my work day,

My whole life revolves around the making of my pay,

Like the pages of a book, that you can’t put down,

I have run through my life, without ever looking around,

No pause taken, to stop and enjoy my child’s special time,

No sharing of life’s moments, with  loving family of mine,

I wish now, that time would allow me to make an amend,

But my time has run out, my life has come to it’s end.

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One single act of kindness, prompts all others to do more,

As the pebble cast upon the water, sends ripples to the shore,

How many acts by humanity, should fill each and every day,

Let us create an endless flood, to was all our prejudice away.


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As the long dark shadows grow on a cold October night,

Our children turn into monsters giving the neighbors a fright,

Halloween night has arrived filling our homes and streets with fear,

With masks and screams from the undead for all to see and hear,

Children now unchained going door to door saying trick or treat,

But beware of them, it’s your brains and flesh they want to eat.


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Now on deck, an old salty sailor such as I,

Spying through my crusty looking glass eye,

Across the vast ocean into the morning sky,

Riding the fast currents, as a bird I will fly,

My course into the horizon is set by the north star,

With the arrival of the morning tide,  I set sail afar,

May King Neptune stand watch and set me free,

To roam his seas as he keeps a close eye on me.

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Many lay awake at night thinking about the day,

When loneliness ends and love will carry them away,

Happiness at times may seem so very hard to achieve,

But for the ones that keep searching, we still believe.


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Terror lurks among the shadows of the night,

An unknown world that causes a feeling of fright,

Our imaginations run wild about what we can’t see,

There are many hidden dangers that threaten you and me,

What kind of horror awaits, wanting to taste our inner fear,

I hope the morning daylight makes them all disappear.


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Our paths through life are not always destined to be fair,

Hear the cries of loss by the many families that fill the air,

A cancer of violence attacks the ones we all hold dear,

Faces of the young and old each day are full of fear,

How many sons and daughters will be claimed this way,

May our politicians and police find a cure to save the day.


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